Monthly Support  $1240.00

Goal $20,000.00

6 %

of our goal







Mission Statement

“Leverage the power of crowd-funding, digital marketing, social media, and raw American patriotism to wake up the majority of Americans who slumber, and rekindle the American Dream.”


Our Strategy

We believe it is essential to inform our backers how we deliver on their support.

  • Proper Use Of Money – 80% of every dollar goes directly to production and advertising.

  • Accountability Entire Term – Instead of just making voters aware before elections, our campaigns run all day, every day.

  • Use of Modern Technology – We use promoted social and digital advertising to put issues in front of voters.

  • Creative, Non-Partisan Messaging – We take the facts and pose questions to voters through creative analogies.

  • Reach & Frequency – Basic marketing logic requires 7-10 touches before impact is made.

  • Local Ambassadors – By providing the materials and promotion needed, we are building a grassroots campaign to inspire patriots and wake up the majority.

Let’s Make A Difference

Together we can reclaim our freedoms and hold politicians accountable. If you want to help us, please give your time and money so together we can wake up America!


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